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Hello World… Again!

So, I have finally re-launched my blog after a rather long absence from the blogosphere. My first attempt never really got off the ground anyway, and I decided to deactivate “Make the most” to allow for a redesign of my website, amongst other things. I write this post with great pleasure; particularly happy that this time I will be running on the spanking new jazz inspired ‘Coltrane‘ (a.k.a WordPress 2.7). It’s also a great coincidence that Automatic made ‘Coltrane’ available for download on December 10th, my birthday. Wouldn’t it have been perfect if I was able to get around completing my “Blueray” theme design and launching it on the 10th as well? Oh well, that’s a lesson in time management and meeting targets for me I suppose.

If you’re wondering where all my previous blog posts are, wonder no more because over the next few weeks or so, I will gradually be rebuilding my archive. Much of the content will be fresh to the public anyway, as I have only been writing my blog posts off-line in preparation for today. And now that today is here, I say “Hello World”… again!

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